Four Helpful Blogging Tips for Associations

Blogs are quickly becoming an essential tool for associations and their members. They provide a more casual and immediate forum for industry news and advice than monthly magazines or newsletters. Additionally, maintaining a blog automatically helps with SEO—Search Engine Optimization. When websites regularly update their content, they are ranked higher in search engines. A blog is a helpful and easy way to update content, and therefore boost your ranking.

So hop on the bandwagon! Here are some practices to keep in mind when blogging for your association:

1.    Know what’s relevant to your members
What would your members be most interested to read in the period between magazine issues? Keep in mind industry tips, trends, and news—timely, bite-sized topics that don’t quite belong in your newsletter or magazine, but are still interesting enough to be shared around the internet. It’s an added bonus if your association blog gets read by non-members, so keep this goal in mind by avoiding complicated industry jargon in your posts.

2.    Choose titles carefully
A title is often an afterthought, but the right headline might be the difference between someone clicking on the link or passing it up.  Avoid sensational, click-bait titles, but do strive to pique the interests of readers. Careful title choice can also serve you well with the aforementioned SEO, and increase readership.

3.    Quote the professionals
There are bound to be plenty of professionals around your association who would be willing to provide a quote or two for a post. Quoting the pros adds interest, credibility and relevance to your blog. You might also consider asking members or employees to write guest posts, or conducting full interviews to create a Q&A that members will be sure to find interesting.

4.    Share posts on social media
This is a win-win for your association. Sharing posts on social media creates exposure for your blog and provides relevant social media content for followers.

Still stumped on what to post? Here’s an article with 60 blog post ideas for associations.