Advertising & Trade Show Sales

With experience that stems from more than 20 years of successful sales, we’ve perfected an approach that yields results.

Advertising, Exhibit Space & Sponsorship Sales
It’s competitive out there. Advertisers and exhibitors alike are demanding higher ROI and better service. Blue House utilizes its deep understanding of publications and trade shows to market yours, while building relationships and increasing revenue with unparalleled customer support.

Sales Calling Power
Each of our clients is assigned a team of Sales Managers dedicated to closing new sales. Our sales professionals will reach out to every prospect within our database.

E-Mail Marketing
Our marketing team works with clients to develop timely, attractive and effective emails that are sent to prospects at meaningful intervals. We then use the data to target companies that have opened and clicked-through the message.

On-Site Networking & Sales
Attending client industry events further cements relationships and provides a deeper understanding of our advertisers’ and exhibitors’ needs. Combined with a strong renewal program, these face-to-face meetings set the pace for the year ahead.

Prospect Database
Blue House maintains a sales database for every client. We obtain new leads from related events, online resources and industry publications. All prospect information is tracked through a sales and relationship management software specifically built for advertising and trade show management.

Exhibition Management
Every trade show is unique, but the success of each centers around one key element: communication. Providing clear communications and high-quality customer service to exhibitors is the foundation for long-term success and growth for your event.

Planning & Consulting
We’ve worked alongside most general service contractors in venues across North America. Our experience in a diverse group of verticals gives us a unique perspective. And with unfortunate, but valuable, on-site crisis management experience, we’re a hard group to surprise.

Sponsorship Development
Quality sponsorship programs not only enhance your event, but increase revenue. Many exhibitors are seeking opportunities to increase brand awareness outside of the exhibit hall. Custom window clings, floor graphics, escalator runners, column wraps and more can become a significant revenue stream.

Our experienced team can help you grow your existing sponsorship and marketing program or develop a new program from the ground up. We’ll develop a program that is understandable and appropriate for the marketplace in order to meet your goals and objectives.

Fulfillment & On-Site Management
Sponsoring companies require and expect extra time and attention in return for their investment, both pre-show and on-site. We provide attentive customer service, helping to build and strengthen lasting relationships. In return, this allows us to expand and grow our client’s sponsorship revenue. On-site, we help manage any details relating to sponsorship & advertising, including sign placement, tote bag stuffing, reception setup and coordination.

On-Site Management
After months of planning, it is important that your event goes off without a hitch. We will maintain a presence on the exhibit floor from move-in to tear-down, handling last minute issues and reducing the headaches you have to deal with.

Relationship Management
Managing a trade show is really about managing relationships: the client's relationship with exhibitors and our relationship with the client. We will assemble an experienced account management team that will provide both you and your exhibitors with a single point of contact, reducing redundant communication and building trust through consistency.

Post-Event Analysis
In order to improve an event year-after-year, it is important to document what worked and what did not. We will conduct an exhibitor survey and compile its results with our own professional observations to create a management report documenting the event from start to finish.

Should You Outsource?
Many associations excel at advocacy, education and certification programs, but often lack the resources needed for a comprehensive and profitable sales campaign. Blue House is dedicated to sales. Our sole focus is understanding our clients’ needs and fostering relationships with advertisers and exhibitors so we can increase revenue streams.

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