Graphic Design

With the experience that stems from thousands of successful products, we’ve learned that a detailed approach produces the best possible outcome.

Every graphic design project is unique, but each centers around one key element: a Blue House project manager. Think of this person as an extension of your staff, who will listen and act on your concerns and serve as liaison with the designer and quality assurance team. Your project manager ensures that your feedback is heard, assessed and integrated into the overall endeavor.

If you don’t already have a schedule for us to follow, we’ll create one. We understand that deadlines may change in order to fit your needs.

Concept Development
You probably have ideas about how your project should look and feel. We’ll sit down with you to discuss a design direction. Your project manager can make recommendations as necessary or simply follow your lead. We’ll spend time up front to ensure that the final product is exactly like you envisioned.

We like to involve as many team members as possible during the concept process. This results in a wide variety of concepts to consider. Who knows? We might spark an idea you had never previously considered.

Layout and Design
Now we’re getting to the good stuff. You provide the text, and we’ll begin layout . . . but not before the designer assigned to your job reviews everything carefully. We always ask questions and discuss any potential problems with you prior to starting the job. After initial layout, we’ll ask at least two Blue House team members to inspect the work before you see it, ensuring accuracy.

Each client receives a PDF of the first proof to review. You can send changes to your project manager in writing or through PDF commenting. Three rounds of edits are included in every project. If additional rounds are needed or changes exceed the budget, we’ll contact you and collaborate on a solution before additional charges are incurred. Hidden fees are not
our style!

You always make the final decision about when a job is finished. Once you sign off, we’ll take the new masterpiece to one of our trusted vendors to ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget. Our extensive knowledge of the printing process allows us to make informed decisions about the best paper selections, inks, etc., for any given project. And you’ll get a competitive price, too, since we typically collect at least two estimates for each job.

Delivery and Mail
The final product will be delivered per customer instructions. If mailing is involved, we’ll take your address list and any inserts to our mail house, along with specific mailing instructions. Your project is complete!

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